Considering the fact that Organifi Green Juice is a health supplement, you should always buy Organifi Green Juice through the official and approved channels. Do not buy from sites like eBay or other bargain / auction sites. Only ever buy Organifi Green Juice from the official site!

Please be advised that they are not authorized to sell Organifi on those sites, so you should not attempt to buy Organifi from ebay. You may run in to all sorts of issues, and should you want customer service, you’ll find that you won’t get it from eBay. Anyone who will buy Organifi green juice on ebay may get a little bit of a bargain, but you won’t be sure anything.

It has happened before that someone thought he was buying 6 jars of Organifi green juice. When his package arrived, he got 6 jars alright. Just not filled with Organifi green juice powder. They were filled with green sand. What a waste of time. Again, do not buy Organifi green juice on ebay. For those few dollars, why would you take such a risk of losing it all? Always buy through an officially approved Organifi partner site, like the one you are on now, or from the Organifi site itself.

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Where To Buy Organifi Green Juice.

If eBay is not an option, where do I buy Organifi green juice? That’s a good question. And the answer is here. The official channel starts right from this site. You can buy Organifi green juice right here. Through the correct channel. The site you are on is an approved marketing partner site. We’re approved to promote Organifi green juice officially on the internet. If you buy Organifi green juice through our site, you will get customer service. And, most important: You can be sure to always get the real Organifi products. Not some colored smelly green sand.

Cheapest Way To Buy Organifi Green juice. (You Can Buy For As Low as $41 a Jar.)

If you want to get Organifi as cheap as possible, then buy bulk. Buy 6 jars at a time and make sure you go for the monthly subscription. That way, you will only pay around $41 per jar. (Normal price is $57.95) I know right, that’s quite a bit of money. But, if you buy 6 jars for the regular price, you’ll pay a lot more. Can’t you find a few friends or relatives who would like to be healthy too? You all chip in, you all get to buy Organifi for the cheapest possible price! $16.95 cheaper per jar. Biggest possible savings.

Attention: The Organifi Free Trial:

Please take note of the following: Organifi Green Juice offers people a free trial package. This is of course a great way to try out and feel all of the benefits that it will bring you. But, please be advised that should you want to try out Organifi by means of the free trial package, you are, when you apply for a free trial, also signing up for a monthly subscription of one jar of Organifi Green Juice. You won’t pay anything but the shipping cost for your free trial packages, but you will pay the month after for your jar that you signed up for while getting the free trial. Not everybody notices that. So, we want to make you aware of this.

If you do not want to pay and receive that jar the next month, make sure to cancel it ahead of time. Well ahead of the date that it will be sent. Or it may be inconvenient for you, should you not want it. Please make sure that if you want to cancel it, and not pay for it, to actually cancel it. However, we think you won’t cancel it.

Organifi Green Juice rocks. Buy it now!

Organifi Green Juice Money Back Guarantee:

If you buy Organifi Green Juice through officially approved marketing partner sites, or their own home page, then you can make use of the 100% money back guarantee. But, only if you have bought it through the official channel. If bought from eBay, you won’t be able to get your money back from Organifi. But, that makes sense, does it not? Should you want to get a refund, for whatever reason, even if you simply did not like the taste (which is awesome by the way), all you need to do is to get in contact with Organifi and ask them for your money back. So, with other words, there is no risk involved. You buy Organifi Green Juice today, try it out, and if you don’t like it, you will get all of your money back. No questions asked. But, we think you won’t go for the refund. You’ll go for another jar. Therefor, make sure you order enough! There is no risk involved. And if you have enough jars at home, and they might run out of stock or something, then you’re still going to be just fine. 😉